Authentic self of our soul child

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After the process of examining your name and the meaning thereof, it is a wonderful idea to find a picture of yourself that makes you smile and frame it and put it in a location where you will see it daily.  Remembering yourself in that form, and making that connection with that possibly forgotten part of yourself, has an enlivening affect.  Since life allows us to grow from child to adolescent to adult, all of these ego states are part of our Self.  I keep my picture on my writing desk, framed in a mirrored frame so I can see both versions of myself at once.  The happy little girl I once was, I still am.  When I am unreasonable, as we all are, I can ask her what she needs and with very little effort I can provide it for her now.  We all have unmet needs and when life gives us a challenge that resembles an old memory, we get hooked into the emotional state of “past time” instead of the present.  This is a form of active reparenting of oneself in the present.  This is a natural way of healing an old wound from the inside out.

A word about hooks, the unseen forces that bring our shadow self into manifestation with the intention of sabotaging our best efforts.  We need a bit of knowledge of what triggers our child or adolescent egos but more than that, we need to know where in our body our alarm points are.  For example, when we get upset or out of balance do we feel it in the head, neck and shoulders, stomach or the skin?  Each system, according to Louise Hay and others, is representative of a life expression system, as well as a physical system.  I heard the oncologist Carl Simonton say that the body is a biofeedback system.  When it is not functioning properly, we should ask what does this allow us to do or not do?  Once we have the answer, we should thank the body for the condition, and make a plan to consciously do or not do what the body is asking.  This questioning is a form of health ritual, just as exercise, vitamins and good food are.  Back to the hook:  All outdoor stores have fishing sections which have an unbelievable selection of hooks in many shapes and sizes.  When you find out where your body feels the tension, where the alarm goes off, take a trip to the fishing section and let yourself be hooked by a hook.  Surprisingly to me when I completed this assignment, the name of my hook was Eagle Talon, and it was frightening looking, which explained why it had been difficult for me to quit reacting to my shadow self.  After writing down all the triggers which hooked me on fortune cookie size paper and attaching them to the hook, I took a hammer to it and it was no longer usable.  I then burned it and it became more unusable.  The feeling of satisfaction is still with me on a cellular level 20 years later.  Try it and be released.

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