Money Rituals

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Money rituals have played an important part in every ritual class I have ever facilitated or attended.  Money, as a concrete form of collective energy, is exchanged for everything we value:  food, housing, basic needs, luxuries, freedom and security, just to name a few.  The fear of not having enough money, or losing what he have, is shared by all of us.  I read every book I could find on the symbolic meaning of money, including “Money Madness” and the classic “When Money is the Drug” by Donna Boundy, and have spent four decades trying to release unhealthy and unhelpful ideas about money in meaningful ways through rituals.

There is no shortage of play money in large denominations which can be purchased just about everywhere.  There is even a Million Dollar Bill which many of us use in creating money rituals of abundance.  Some of my students reproduce actual money on copy machines and cut it up to make chains to break and burn, as well as putting it in containers and on trees so they can believe money does “grow on trees”.  I once used a small live tree and put representations of what I wanted my money to provide for me and watched it grow as my income grew.  My favorite purchase was inspired by Suze Orman after I saw her in person at a money seminar.  She often talks about the path to wealth so I ordered a sheet of real money from the US Mint.  I began to walk on it and found it made me laugh, which was better than worrying.  I kept it at the office and my business grew.  Today I bring it out at each seasonal ritual so everyone in the group can use it as well.

As a psychotherapist, I hear many excuses for not moving forward into a better life.  They all share the theme of not enough money and waiting to enjoy life when there is more money.  As a divorced mother of 3 with no child support and huge debt, including losing my house to the IRS, I used to practice this bad habit as well.  My great friend and chiropractor Dr. Otis Thomas used to tell me not to use words that didn’t serve me, so in the spirit of optimism, which is the antidote to fear and worry, I made a list of what I would do if I had all the money I needed.  I encourage you to do the same.  No matter what your list contains, you can act as if and move toward receiving the items on your list, if only symbolically.  We know the power of vision boards and treasure maps from all the recent movies like “What the Bleep” and “The Secret”.  I learned about this method in the 1970’s and found it always worked well to bring progress into our lives.  Whatever we imagine and appreciate, appreciates.  The attitude of gratitude is essential to our prosperity and optimism.  No matter what has happened, we need to look forward and follow the stories of those who have overcome their own adversities.  When you interview people who have overcome their challenges and ask them how they accomplished this, they always answer the same way “I had no choice”.  Evidently the secret strategy of success is removing choice.  When we make an intention to succeed, life follows our intention.

If you are feeling limited by lack of money, please try all of the suggestions mentioned above:

Make a vision board with pictures of yourself enjoying whatever turns you on.  You can make your own pictures of your future by cutting out pictures from magazines that represent your desires and intentions and put yourself in the picture, literally.  It will warm your heart and since money is an energy magnet, more will attach to you.  I even made a huge money magnet after seeing one in a toy store and gluing play money to it, which also made me laugh.  Many of my students have burned money so they feel like they have money to burn.  Like comedian Jim Carrey, they have filled out deposit slips with amounts of money they feel they can attract and earn and carried it with them in their billfolds.  Success has followed all of these efforts.

The truth about money is that it is a form of energy which we share and exchange for what we value.  It is not a way of keeping score or exercising power over others.  If you want a particular car, go drive it and take a picture of yourself in that car and show it to others.  If you want your dream house, collect data about what you want and watch energy bring it to you in ways you never imagined.  Release your money fear and replace it with optimism and energy.  If will feel so much better that you will be better.  Enjoy money play in the Monopoly game of life.

I love making money trees and even found a plastic one at a big box store which was designed to be used as a party decoration.  Better to celebrate every day and put money on it where you can see it all the time.  If you have all the money you need you will ______________________.  Fill in the blank and move toward it, even if you have to barter, pretend or speak about what you will do in the future to those who will support you.  If you are chained by your money fears make a chain of money and wrap it around you and tear it off and burn it.  You will feel a release that you can remember when doubt reappears.

The most interesting fact I found when I was researching the use of money is that it was coined to commemorate the harvest and was shared with those who participated.  For this reason, I recommend that all rituals have a meal thereafter with each person bringing a food item to share with the group.  It is a way of recreating the original money ritual.  At holiday times we have golden money to eat and when I realized I was tired of getting half a loaf in life, I brought a loaf of bread to pass around so we could all feel and see what it was like to get a full loaf in all we do.

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